OOO ONDATORG  [Petroleum Products Division] came into operation in 2017, with a sizable paid-up capital [innitially] from 2 shareholders of the company, plus a reasonable credit-line officially granted by OAO Alfa Bank Moscow and Rusfinans Bank, in Moscow.

OOO ONDATORG has increased its shareholdings, and is now partnering with a Wholesale Food Product Company [registered in August, 2017], with increased working capital and investors. Its General Trade name for the 2 merged companies is [still] OOO ONDATORG.

In-line with the new company policy, the Purchase, Sales and Export Department of its Petroleum Unit must act in consensus with the Board’s Decisions in all matters relating to both domestic and international trade.

Any major changes regarding our company policies will be determined by the Board of Management in consultation with the [dormant] investors, through a consensus vote.

OOO ONDATORG’s goal is to use both conventional and non conventional methods to close deals with only financially able clients, as soon as such clients are identified. Our objective is entirely to reaching  compromises with small traders.

OOO ONDATORG  welcomes beginners and small time traders and more often than not takes minimal risks in some financial decisions that we find viable with a ready, able and willing buyer.

OOO ONDATORG cherishes honesty, trust and great team work with staff and customers during any business negotiation. Our small but technical staff is always ready to use innovative technology to attain new opportunities.


OOO ONDATORG seeks to offer the most comprehensive range of products and services in the petroleum trade. Even petroleum products that are not mentioned in our “Product List” can also be “SOURCED” for interested and financially able clients.


Integrity and high standards are the cornerstones of our company as our priority is to provide customers with products and services that meet their evolving needs. This enhances the concept of partnership and teamwork, which is the foundation of the company’s policy.


We place the highest emphasis on being professional, transparent, respecting confidentiality and being professional to everyone involved during a negotiation. We are dedicated professionals and will always strive to provide the best service to all our clients.