One of the biggest problems faced by sellers and buyers in the oil trade is the need to reach a quick compromise, establish trust and by-pass the bureaucratic conventional procedure associated in the commodity trade, by using a non conventional but mutually accepted method in first trial lift, in-order to establish without wasting much time a customer relationship.  In most circumstances, buyers find it difficult to raise funds from banks, including getting all the permissions needed in their locality to import fuel. These obstacles and impediments in the oil trade are toxic in nature especially on the seller side, and disposing these financial wastes in a cost effective and environment friendly manner is why OOO ONDATORG {whose Holding Company is in General Food Business}, created a Division for Purchase and Sales of all Types of Petroleum Products, in-order to meet the needs of small traders; courtesy of our major suppliers and refinery:RN-TUAPSE REFINERY.

OOO ONDATORG has found the SOLUTION to this problem with a cost effective invention to help trusted and willing buyers of petroleum products who are ready to reach a compromise and get down to business earnestly.

It is a cost effective and environment friendly method which will revolutionize the oil trade. The Purchase, Sales and Export Department of OOO Ondatorg has the calibre of staff to meet the challenges in the oil trade negotiations.